workouts for men over 50

Effective Workouts for Men Over 50

At the time, I am writing this article I am 56 years old and mildly amused as how much of the information written about workouts for men over 50 is written by a young woman in her twenties or thirties.

Many of these articles quote authority sites to increase their credibility. And when you research the authority site, what do you find? Brilliant and young researchers who have not experienced what aging is.  I am also fascinated by the scientists who have devoted their entire life in researching exercise but have never attempted to bench press over 200, squat over 300 or touch their toes.

At the time, I am writing this article; I could bench press easily with a 240 pounds, I squat around 350, and I work on front splits and side splits.

I carry the scars of many mistakes I have made over the years blindly following the instructions given by those who lack personal first-hand experience. This is what I am sharing with you here. First-hand experience.

I just mentioned that I can do relatively heavy bench press and squats and how flexible I am. Who cares?

None of these exercises alone will save you from a heart attack. They do not insure health in any way, and they do not necessarily add to your quality of life.

As I get older, quality is becoming more important to me.  On top of the list is quality of life. To me quality of life has some elements that could be enhanced through workouts.

Pain-free strong motions that allow me to enjoy my freedom of movement is part of quality of life. Workouts that help my mental capacity and emotional outlook are part of that quality of life. Exercises that keep  my strength up enhance my male hormone profile and my metabolism burning like a furnace are part of quality of life.

My list of priorities in the selecting exercise are these.

  • Pain-Free Strong Full Range Motions
  • Clarity of thought and balance emotions
  • Hormonal Balance, Strength and High Metabolism

Notice I did not say that you should do bench press or squats or go walking or anything physical. Instead, I provided you with a template, a structure.  There are hundreds of exercises you can do at any age that fits these and there are thousands that don’t.

In the future posts, we’ll look at each of these elements in detail. In the mean time, put together a list of what you expect from your over 50 workouts.